WORLD AQUARIUM ... a children's place

Interactive Tours


Peek Tour

1.5 HOURS | EVERY FRI + SAT • 10:30AM | SUN • 11:30AM

Tickets: $20/person (4 person minimum)

This tour starts before the World Aquarium opens.  The animals are just waking up, quite curious and hungry! Also there will be no other visitors until much after the tour has begun. This unique tour is fun for all ages and a great way for visitors to start their day in St. Louis.


Private Tours

2.0 Hours | Private tours are done when the Aquarium is closed to the public. Tours run between 9am - 9pm.

We will take you behind the scenes self-selected experience. During this tour participants will be able to determine exactly which animals, which interactions and for how long each interaction is to last. The sequence for these tours is determined by choosing from the list of interactions and  is derived based upon the participants particular personal interests. 


A partial list of animals and related activities include:

  • Sloth experience 
  • Giant alligator snapping turtle feeding
  • Crocodile feeding 
  • Feed Giant Mississippi River fish
  • Feeding giant amazon river fish
  • Feeding shark
  • Stingray encounter 
  • Feeding coral reef 
  • Fish feeding 
  • Giant snake experience 
  • Giant lizard experience
  • Kissing the lizard 
  • Petting baby shark 
  • Marine tide pool 
  • Experience feeding
  • Feeding giant tortoises 
  • Feeding water turtles
  • Feeding box turtles 
  • Feeding the goliath grouper

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Night Time Tour


Imagine being alone in the Aquarium after nightfall.  Many of the animals come out to play at night showing interesting behaviors, varied display of color patterns and different calls. Come for a NIGHT TIME tour (5pm-7pm) and then have dinner afterwards to discuss your Wild experience! Participants are encouraged to bring flashlights.


School Tours

1.5 Hour | Total time from bus drop off to bus pick up including a guided interactive tour. Minimum 12 people, all participants must pay $6.

Prepayments can be made in advance through this scheduling system. School Tours are only available during weekdays in the morning. Tour participants will be divided into groups in order to insure close, personal learning opportunities.  Please fill out form with teacher's or leader's name, cell phone contact info, age/grade of children, number attending, date, time and any special learning needs. A paid invoice will be generated to you.  We only serve one school group at a time to keep experiences focused.  Please inform any parent chaperones to help us keep the learning and interactive experience focused for the students with no screaming, neighbor talking, or rough play. Questions are encouraged!

The Discovery Adventure Tour is a 2-hour guided tour.  This tour is only done on Fridays and Saturdays at 3:00 PM and on Sundays at 2:00 PM and is done by advance reservations made by calling 314-647-6011. Retail Price: $65 per person for 1.5  years old and above. During the Spring-Summer these tours sell out 2 to 3 weeks in advance.  These tours allow you to see the World Aquarium…a children's place with an experienced guide to feed, interact and learn about many of the museum's living inhabitants.

The Extreme Adventure Tour puts those that are brave enough and have purchased an Extreme Ticket in front of a small audience of Discovery Adventure Tour participants while also challenging them to interact with the most dangerous, large and fearsome animals at the World Aquarium.  This 2-hour tour will haveyou feeding a crocodile, alligator, snapping turtles, holding scorpions and tarantulas and more.

You must call 314-647-6011 to schedule your Extreme Tour which can be done only Fridays and Saturdays at 3:00 PM and Sunday at 2:00 PM.  Call at least 2 wks in advance. Retail Price $100 per tour participant.  Must be at least 12 years old.