Private Tours

2.0 Hours | Private tours are done when the Aquarium is closed to the public. Tours run between 9am - 9pm.

We will take you behind the scenes self-selected experience. During this tour participants will be able to determine exactly which animals, which interactions and for how long each interaction is to last. The sequence for these tours is determined by choosing from the list of interactions and  is derived based upon the participants particular personal interests. 


A partial list of animals and related activities include:

  • Sloth experience 
  • Giant alligator snapping turtle feeding
  • Crocodile feeding 
  • Feed Giant Mississippi River fish
  • Feeding giant amazon river fish
  • Feeding shark
  • Stingray encounter 
  • Feeding coral reef 
  • Fish feeding 
  • Giant snake experience 
  • Giant lizard experience
  • Kissing the lizard 
  • Petting baby shark 
  • Marine tide pool 
  • Experience feeding
  • Feeding giant tortoises 
  • Feeding water turtles
  • Feeding box turtles 
  • Feeding the goliath grouper