WORLD AQUARIUM ... a children's place

A place devoted to children's interactive experiences.

The World Aquarium had operated as a not for profit educational and research based aquarium for 25 years before closing their doors. This new location provided interest building opportunity for families with young children  to explore the wonders of water amongst 2 floors of exhibits. Many species of fish, invertebrates, snakes, lizards, turtles, stingrays and sharks could have been seen. The doctor fish would have given you a manicure, you could touch stingrays and pet a shark.

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About Us: 

Our goal was to increase the understanding of aquatic life and environments, to promote the importance of conserving the world of water, and to provide leadership for the preservation and sustainable use of aquatic resources.

Since 1971, the World Aquarium organization was working as a not-for-profit organization within the St. Louis community to bring about a new way of educating the public about the importance of water and our environment. From 1990, the World Aquarium had been providing educational programs and services to the St. Louis community addressing needs identified from a regional educational analysis. Operating the museum component since 1993, the World Aquarium organization had perfected a financially stable operation that serves the public while maintaining its operation without significant financial input other than normal revenue streams. Beginning in the year 2000, the World Aquarium organization began looking at significantly larger sized facilities as a way to expand its programs and services to the community. From its beginning, the Aquarium's philosophy was to be an interactive, educational and research organization, which was part of the move to become St. Louis' Children's Aquarium (1996-2004).  2004-2019, The World Aquarium was evolved to operate inside the city museum.  In 2016 the Aquarium in its continued progress relocated to the St. Louis Riverfront the be part of the Laclede's Landing Development, to be near the Arch, the Mississippi  River, across the street from the Convention Center in a historic stand-alone building devoted to a family style experience, Come be immersed in this up close and personal interactive living museum!

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